Wine Aging

Wine Aging Chart

This chart shows the basic aging suggestion for many of the popular wines from around the world. Many of the Reserve or Estate wines are designed to last much longer and usually demand a higher price. The chart is only a guideline as the winery or local vintner can help with specific wine and aging suggestions.

Wine TypeAging Suggestion
Beaujolais0-3 years
Beaujolais Nauveauimmediately
Bordeaux, Red6-12 years
Bordeaux, White4-10 years
Cabernet Sauvignon5-10 years
Champagne, non-Vintage0-2 years
Champagne, Vintage5-10 years
Chianti0-7 years
Chardonnay0-5 years
Gewurztraminer0-4 years
Merlot2-5 years
Port, non-Vintage, Tawny0-5 years
Port, Vintage10-20 years
Rioja5-10 years
Vouvray0-5 years
Zinfandel, Red5-10 years
Zinfandel, White0-1 years

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