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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Q: What is Wine Aging?
A: Where you can find information about your favorite wines and determine when it should be consumed at its best. Information about how long to hold, peak time to drink and when it matures and should be consumed.
Q: Why can't I find a winery on the site?
A: The database is open to all wineries from around the world, the winery you are looking for hasn't found this site to add their information to the database, please invite your favorite winery to submit their information. Only authorized staff from the winery can submit this information.
Q: What if the Wine is not available?
A: Use the Wine Aging Suggestion Chart for some of the wines that have basic established wine aging suggestion. Remember that individual wineries wines will vary from these suggestion based on their brewing and wines used.

Winery FAQs

Q: What should we do if the winery is already listed and do not have access?
A: It was probably entered because your wine in my inventory and entered as much information as possible. Use the Contact link to requesting access to the Winery with name and authorized email. Will verify the information and send you the information for access and ability to update your information and add other wines to the database.
Q: What if the winery don't want to list any wines?
A: You can provide just the winery information. Any wines that are already listed can be deleted or the wines can be added later. The winery has total control of what is shown and wines listed.
Q: What does it cost to list our Winery in your database?
A: Listing on the website is Free for all wineries.
Q: Who can enter Winery and Wine information to the site?
A: Only authorized staff from the winery who have been verified after submitting the required information using the Registration form. Prefer email addresses that use the winery website address, but will consider personal email addresses (wineryXYZ@aol.com) if they are linked on the website.
Q: What should we do if my Country is not listed?
A: Use "Not Defined" and use Contact form to request addition of the Country. An email will be send to you when the Country has been added, the Winery information can then be updated.
Q: Can't find the Variety type in the list, how can it be added?
A: Use Red or White, send request using Contact form to have the Variety added. Once added, the wine entries can be edited to correct the variety type. Variety types are maintained by country with some for ALL countries.
Q: How does our Winery get featured in the Winery Spotlight on the homepage, what does it cost?
A: Use the Contact link and request consideration. Cost has not been determined, but would accept a bottle of your wine to add to my wine cellar.
Q: See that Banner Ad space is featured on the site, how can we advertise and what is the cost?
A: Cost has not been determined, use the Contact link to request information.

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